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Carbochem Brief Profile

     Changzhou Carbochem Co.,Ltd,established on April 16th,2009, is a limited liability company with RMB 3 million yuan registered capital. We are professional supplier of pharmaceutical Intermediates.We are mainly running Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient along with its intermediates and could provide high quality of key intermediates along with Teck Package.Changzhou Carbochem Co.,Ltd is a specialized supplier on developing and commercially providing Generic Pharmaceutical advanced intermediates by our contracted-R&D and Plant. .Every year we develop 10-15 new APIs and commercialize them,which is called KSMs.From choosing the synthesis route, optimizing the process, controlling of known and unknown impurities, we have solved the problems of avoiding patent route, the high cost and improve the quality of APIs in order to meet with the requirement of Generic Pharmaceutical company. Our company is committed to serving for the global generic companies by providing high quality intermediates and Teck Package to help our customer solve the problem of key intermediates purchasing and registration.

     Changzhou Carbochem Co.,ltd are dedicated to the development and research of generic API, process optimization and commercial production.We offer services from gram scale to commercial production for domestic and foreign clients.The company devotes to the s research and development of synthesis high technical barriers, difficult, high value-added API and its intermediates, and also focuses on the synthesis of chiral compounds.