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ØProvide services information according to customer's requirements.


ØContract validation, build a project team including: R&D, Process, QA , QC and Manufacturing.

ØFile system establishment and management.
ØUpdate the project schedule regular intervals with customer.
ØDelivery on time.

ØIP control and project confidentiality.


Boric acid Derivatives

Bromomination,Chlorination and Cyanations

Butyl Lithium reaction

Chiral separation

Diazotization reactions

Fluoro Derivatives

Grignard Reactions

High high-pressure and temperature reactions(6-12Mpa, up to 300 degree).

High temperature reactions by Continuous flow reaction

Low temperature reactions(-50 to -78 degree) by liquid nitrogen.


Oxidation reactions

Organometalic reactions

Phosgene reactions

Reductive amination

Reduction reactions